Troy Curry


Unlike Zach, Troy is not in a band…though he has been called a “Rockstar” on more than one occasion. Some attributed this nom de guerre to Troy’s unparalleled work ethic, drive and determination to get the job done. Others, a very lucky few, believe it is actually derived from their witness to the greatest Elvis impersonation in the history of Elvis impersonations. As with most legends, the truth may lie somewhere in between.

Troy joined the Refuge in January of 2019. A 1994 graduate of Xavier University, Troy has accumulated a broad base of finance and operational experience over a career spanning 25 years in various accounting and finance roles including four years in public accounting and two 10-year stints with start-up and growth stage technology firms. As BLDG continues to grow, Troy will focus that experience to ensure financial and operational system efficiency facilitates scalable gains in productivity, profitability and overall health of the business. Troy will proudly be the least creative BLDG’er because let’s face it, creative accounting is never discussed in a healthy context!