Nick Dew

Chief Creative Officer

Nick Dew developed an early love for design as a young man cutting out letterforms for expositions in the basement of his Mom’s sign shop at the age of 9. He went on to study fine arts and art history at Thomas More College in Kentucky where he also was named captain of the football squadron and led them to the school’s first championship earning him the title of resident “artistic jock”. During those summers he also led carpentery and landscaping crews on Nantucket Island for five years. He then went on to receive a BFA in visual communication from Northern Kentucky University where he achieved his greatest feat, meeting his now wife & fellow BLDG creative Peta Niehaus Dew.

At age 24, Nick joined BLDG as the first full time employee and quickly rose to the role of Creative Director. Nick has special expertise in brand direction particularly creating brand stories and concepts that create real, measurable change. He has designed or directed over 50 thriving brands during his 6 year BLDG tenure. Whether he’s designing exhibitions for a perception-changing art installation in 30 Americans, rebranding an international architecture studio in GBBN, or helping to design a better way to travel around Cincinnati in the CROWN, he believes in the power of design to make our lives better, however big or small the idea.

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