Jarrod Becker

Director of Art

Jarrod is a modern day Renaissance man, “a fine artist of life” studying political science, religion, anthropology and finally fine art during his much chaotic school days. His strongest focuses throughout have been painting and over the top ideas. He’s done food, fine wine, horses, scene shops, co-op galleries, photographing muscle cars, and interactive children's books. He's also founded a craft market called Folksiders out of Rabbit Hash, KY that he managed for a number of years. He's a lover of all creative endeavors as long as he's trying something new and getting his hands dirty. Prior to coming to BLDG he was the Webmaster for the Cincinnati CBS affiliate LOCAL 12, WKRC for 12 years.

Our fine artist on staff, Jarrod’s multi-faceted talents make him an invaluable asset to BLDG. So keep your eyes peeled, it’s likely you’ll see Jarrod around town with a paint brush in hand and ladder in tow, painting murals in restaurants or on exteriors of businesses.

Jarrod's Paintings

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