Carly Strohmaier


A tinkerer, toyer, and jack of all trades, Carly first pursued a career in science and graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in Genetic/Molecular/Cellular Biology.

After losing her father unexpectedly at age 22, Carly used art to process her grief and discovered that her true passion lay in sharing the transformative power of art with others.

She returned to NKU, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Visual Communication Design and joined BLDG as a full time designer.

Carly’s work primarily involves conceptual adaptation and technical design. She focuses her time on expanding brand systems and bringing them to life in a wide variety of applications after initial concept approval. She loves to think critically about brands to make them work smarter, not just harder.

When not working, Carly can be found crafting in her studio at home, cuddling with her two cats or serving as a jungle gym for her nephew Kristoffer.