Tobacco 21


Design: Activation, Branding, Campaign, Digital

The Project

Tobacco companies target teens – whether it’s by outlaw cowboy, cartoon camel or flavored juice-filled nicotine pens – creating an endless cycle of nicotine addiction. To combat this crisis, a growing number of cities have introduced legislation to raise the minimum age of sale for tobacco products to 21. The American Heart Association called on BLDG to create a campaign that would raise awareness and help convince community members, businesses and lawmakers to raise the age to purchase tobacco in Greater Cincinnati to 21.

The Design

Our design strategy took the tactics Big Tobacco has used to target teens for more than half a century and used those tactics to fight back. We created an animated campaign that can live both online and off, was light on the tone but heavy on the facts, and looked cool and begged to be worn. Our T21 ambigram logo is our calling card and strikes the right balance between informed design and fashion statement.

A social statement that doubles as a fashion statement, our ambigram logo aims to inspire teens to fight tobacco by appealing to their greatest desire: to look cool.
To be successful in these individual communities, we have to be in these individual communities. Door stickers, targeted art installations and more make this feel like a grassroots movement as it expands from city to city.