The London Police – The Second Coming


Art: Curation, Murals

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From London to Tokyo to Berlin, New York and Milan, The London Police have made a profound impact with their traveling artwork. After storming the streets of Covington, Kentucky for the first time in 2010, TLP returned to the city three years later to grace its walls and community with The Second Coming. During their two-week stay, TLP transformed Covington into a canvas for public art, where a contemporary urban spin collides with the city’s artistic and architectural heritage.

Working with BLDG, multiple locations were secured around the city where they would paint different pieces. The idea was to create a public art project promoting the businesses, culture, and uniqueness of Covington.
When all was said and done and another successful collaboration was had, BLDG hosted a celebratory launch party where they unveiled the locations of the public art.