Ride 35


Design: Activation, Branding, Campaign

The Project

TANK or Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky had a new way of travel to offer to the people of Greater Cincinnati that would save them time, money and the environment all while getting them to the most important places work, school and home. The problem was the visual stigma of public transit was dirty and outdated and no one knew that this first of its kind direct service was being offered.

The Design

TANK and BLDG teamed up to create a campaign that would draw awareness, increase ridership , and consequently create a more positive experience for not only riders but employees and drivers as well. We created a name, voice and identity based on urban street signage itself that was designed to be immediate, concise, and instantly the most visible thing within the urban landscape. What was supposed to be a few months campaign became years long rally cry for the benefits of public transportation and a proud moment for everyone at TANK