Read Ready Covington


Design: Branding, Campaign, Environmental

Art: Murals

The Project

The City of Covington knew that some of its residents faced unique challenges that caused learning to take a backseat to life needs. Backed by the positivity and support of the City, the team set out to create a culture of learning throughout Covington that went beyond just the classroom or the kitchen table.

The Design

The idea was Read Ready Covington: a community-wide early literacy initiative that helps the children of Covington arrive to Kindergarten ready to learn. Using everything from traditional advertising to learning applications and standardized-test related street signage placed at eye level for children, Read Ready Covington turns learning and literacy into a community value and transforms the streets of Covington into bright, optimistic learning environments.

The results? In its first 14 months, close to 60,000 books were read and close to 100,000 skill-based activities were completed by kids and families in Covington.