Horizon Hoops – Stone Court


Design: Activation, Environmental

Art: Murals

The Project

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is a public charitable 501 organization. They were looking to put themselves out in the Northern Kentucky area in a way that would set them apart but also give them a visual presence in multiple areas, counties, and communities. BLDG worked directly with the client to push their focus towards park & recreational areas knowing this effort would reach a multitude of people with different educational, financial, wellness, and creative backgrounds. BLDG chose basketball courts. BLDG then worked with the client to an agreed upon park and court location at which a local basketball hero, George Stone, could be glorified through the court design and namesake.

The Design

The design entailed 20’ stars and a giant red, white, and blue basketball to commemorate George Stone’s time of playing in the now defunct ABA league and winning a championship with the Utah Stars. An extremely vibrant color palette along with large lettering was chosen to draw attention to the court, while also wanting to drive a feeling of ownership of the court by the people who would play there.

The court was featured on multiple television news channels and posted to many social media accounts around the world.