HGC Builder’s Brew


Design: Branding

The Project

HGC follows the mantra "Build Every Day." But the old adage is that "all work and no play..." and yadda yadda yadda. So HGC came to BLDG to develop an idea that would invigorate the culture in the workplace, and give employees something to celebrate when each day was done. Our answer was the Builder's Brew: a small batch beer brand that would be exclusive to HGC employees, and function as a true toast to all the hard work and dedication HGC delivers.

The Design

Working with HGC and Taft's Ale House, we helped create a label that symbolized the hard work and persistence of the HGC worker. The design is hand made and hands-on, tough and tenacious, and a lot of fun. This is a bold can design that has just enough soul to beg for being enjoyed.