Grandpa’s Soap


Design: Branding, Digital

The Project

The story goes that Grandpa’s “Wonder” Pine Tar Soap has been manufactured and sold continuously since 1878. Times have changed, but the brand's commitment to high-quality personal care products remains. They came to BLDG with hopes of revitalizing that spirit of quality, tradition, and care.

The Design

Through packaging design, photography style, and communication strategy, we helped Grandpa's Soap deliver a look that had its roots in the past, but a look that fit their modern clientele. Grandpa's story is still alive and well, but the soaps are delivered in sleek cartridges, and the story is projected on pixels and computer screens. "Since 1878" is the company's symbol of a commitment to quality, and the ingredients list reads like a grocery list (Oatmeal, Epsom Salt, Cornmeal), but the brand's identity sits in the perfect position of being natural products made for the future of skin care, hair care, and more.