Everything But The House


Design: Activation, Branding

The Project

Everything But The House was founded in 2008 as the premier estate sale marketplace. While this position fueled their growth as a darling startup in the online auction space, in 2019 it didn't accurately reflect the business they conducted on a day-to-day basis. While estate sales are still a valuable piece of the company's identity, their branding didn't speak to their budding consignment and consumer markets.

The Design

BLDG and Everything But The House worked together to define a strategy and brand that celebrated what an online auction experience is all about: the "things" we love. Using a framing mechanism as the benchmark for value, the brandmark cycles the word "thing" through different unique items interchangeably, bringing to life the discoverability and fun of the Everything But The House Platform. The end result is a brand that can speak to estate sale, consignment, and consumer markets by uniting these audiences around the love for value and uncommon things. Every item featured in the brand is or was at one time biddable and winnable on Everything But The House.

To acronym or not to acronym? "EBTH" was the common name used for Everything But The House, but we chose to leverage what was perceived as a functional hurdle (a long name) and turned "Everything" into an ownable asset, a name that allowed us to elevate the items, while the mark could still maintain its functionality in large and small applications.
These aren't just any "things"—these are Everything But The House "things." Every item featured in the Everything But The House brand is or was at one time biddable and winnable.
Conceptual executions place the Everything But The House Brand out into the real world. By comparing the unique items for sale against the everyday environments and the items that saturate it, Everything But The House non-verbally asserts it is the true marketplace for everything uncommon, online and in real life.