Design: Activation, Environmental

Art: Murals

The Project

C-Forward is an information technologies consulting agency in Covington, Kentucky, located at Fifth and Madison Avenue.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary they approached BLDG with a request to design a mural that celebrated the unique culture of Northern Kentucky and the ever-changing technological landscape relevant to their industry.

The Design

BLDG worked closely with C-Forward team to identify important elements in the design and create a thematic mural with illustrated vignettes of historic landmarks, local personas, technological motifs, and quirky icons celebrating all things Covington. The 3-story mural is located on the West facade of the building.

Over the course of a month we painted the 50' facade on the ground, on the fire escape, and with a little help from a boom lift.
We had an incredible team of painters help us out to complete this 50' wall.