Design: Activation, Environmental

Art: Installation

The Project

BITLAND is an immersive installation that brings your favorite video game characters to life with a bit of Kentucky twang. It was created as a part of the 2019 BLINK art & light festival. From proposal, to design and activation, the whole BLDG team came together to create the Bitland installation.

The Design

2019 marked the return of BLINK, bigger and better than ever, expanding to Northern Kentucky for the first time. We brought the characters of Duck Hunt and Mario to the “Florence Y’all" Water Tower, Big Bone Lick State Park, and to KFC in a rainbow of colors.

Installed in the arcade between Pike and 7th streets, pulsing LEDs lead the viewer through the installation. In the center of the arcade, black lights illuminate the castle from Mario, glowing fluorescent green. Inside the castle, a larger than life Nintendo Entertainment System controller allows viewers to play 8bit notes of the C major scale, by touching its buttons. The controller is made with a paint that conducts electricity, allowing the viewer to complete the circuit with the touch of their finger.