199C: What it is and why you should go

March 22, 2019


Baseball-themed art and shenanigans, served up on the Covington side of the Ohio River—March 29, 2019.

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Experience one of the best baseball parties this Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Weekend. For the sixth year, the unbridled creative spirits here at BLDG are your hosts for the 199C Art Show. Featuring baseball-themed local art and art from passionate fans from around the country, 199C will have all the visuals, beer, and wiffle ball you need to kick off the 150th season of Reds baseball.

Before you stop by on March 29, here are a few things that answer a few questions you might have.


“One-Ninety-Nine See”


199C is the Pantone Color for the Reds. In case you’re wondering, Pantone colors refer to the Pantone Color Matching System, a standardized color reproduction system.


BLDG is a gallery space on 30 W Pike Street in Covington, Kentucky. Along the gallery walls will be prints, portraits, oil paintings, screen prints and more available for purchase. We’ll also be celebrating with beer and wiffle ball. It’s a family-friendly event, and not your average Opening Day Party.


Well… Jerry Springer recorded a podcast here. Rosie Red gave us a visit. We were graced with the presence of MLB Network’s own, and son of the great Johnny Bench, Bobby Bench (who bought a print). There was a Petezza Rose portrait. We’ve made it six years! We’ve hosted tons of live music. There are countless other experiences, but to create your own you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Join us on March 29, or stop by the gallery from March 29 until April 11 to see the art yourself and even take some home.

Come play ball with BLDG and the Cincinnati Reds.

For more info, follow us on Instagram, RSVP on Facebook, or drop us a line at info@bldgrefuge.com.